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Adhar is a non-profit organization which

Provide help to needy people

If you feel you can help, Don’t back away, make a contribution.

Adhar as a grassroots level registered NGO is committed to holistic development of the underprivileged communities through child centric community development approach that could bring positive changes in the lives of the disadvantages families, children & young people are the future of India and they need to be nurtured such a way so that they could meaningfully contribute the nation building process as an active citizen. Adhar is established and promoted by a committed intellect & socio-centric individuals for the socio-economic transformation in 1992.

Since inception, ADHAR has been engaged in various developmental programme i.e. Child Protection, Education, Health & Nutrition and Livelihood which has been transforming the lives of the poor & marginalised communities


Join your hand with us for a better life and beautiful future

Our Projects

Charity is Investments Helps you to earn Smiles

A just and equitable society where every child has a protected and dignified life which provide children with choices, shape their own destination and ascertain their rights.

ADHAR’s mission is to works along with children, communities to end child exploitation & abuse, eradicate illiteracy, increase income, empowerment of women, improve child nutrition & health, and ultimately end hunger and poverty

Facilitating and augmenting child centric community development initiative through action research and partnership with relevant stakeholders in order to empower underprivileged children, their families and community for ensuring social justice and equity.

ADHAR envisions a world in which the most vulnerable children and families will have the power to lift themselves from abject poverty & sufferings so that they can create vital healthy lives for their children families and communities no and future.

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