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The concept of "governance" is not new. It is as old as human civilization. Simply put "governance" means: the process of decision-making and the process by which decisions are implemented (or not implemented). Effective governance structures play an important role in ensuring resources are managed effectively within an organisation and ensuring activities are undertaken that are in the interests of the mission and not of a group of individuals. Good Governance is a key ethic for every development organisations in order to ensure and promote credibility in functioning, ethical management practices, compliance of law and adherence to standards. The entire management processes and practices of ADHAR are in compliance with the principles of Good Governance’. As ADHAR believes in decentralise democratic decision making process, accountability & transparency in governance, power and functioning of different level have outline accordingly.

I. Making Policies & Decisions

ADHAR, since its inception, works on a surrogate work setting. ADHAR creates such a collective decision making process within the organisation which provides space to each and every person within the organisation setting to participate for making better policies, decisions and practices. 


Following are the different stair of ADHAR which has constituted for decentralised decision making, policy formulation and effective functioning.

a. Support Units

ADHAR have three support units i.e. Program Support Unit (PSU), Administrative (&HR) Support Unit (ASU) and Financial (Accounts) Support Unit (FSU). The Support Units are the micro level governance units which have created for better support in respective area to the organisation including those involve in realising the mission of ADHAR. Each of the Support Unit has their monthly review meeting to assess the on-going practice and its functioning. They find out the gaps and prepare better operative plan for their respective units which they further send to core management team. 

b. Core Management Team (CMT)

The core management team is consisting of professionals from program support unit (PSU), Finance Support Unit (FSU), Administrative HR & Support unit (ASU) and the Chief Executive of ADHAR.  Core management Team (CMT) manages the Organisation’s operation directly and it reports to the Board of Directors through the Chief Executive of ADHAR. CMT also act as a policy recommendation body which outline best possible policies & practices for better management of the organisation and further recommend it to board of directors for approval.

The Core Management Team holds meeting bi-monthly and looks after day to day management of the organisation.

c. Board of Directors

Board of Directors is the supreme decision making body of ADHAR, which formulate policies and guidelines for effective functioning of ADHAR, The Board of Directors frames policies, rules and regulations for the organisation in consultation with the Advisory body and Core Management Team of ADHAR.

d. Advisory Body

The Advisory Body of ADHAR comprises of thematically proficient people from diverse backgrounds and expertise. The body is constituted for a period of two years and around 3 to 5 members having good reputation and prominence are nominated every second year. Members of this Advisory body also meet once in six months.

The Advisory body guides the Board of Directors of ADHAR, taking regular inputs from the Core Management Team and provide valuable advice in order to make the organisational intervention more effective and intake the credibility of the organisation.

II. Credibility Norms

ADHAR accredited under desirable norms of the Credibility Alliance. ADHAR adhere the credibility norms, outlined by Credibility Alliance for ensuring good governance in NGO sector. ADHAR always believe in utmost transparency and accountability in its functioning right from governance, program implementation to financial management and other sphere of the organisation. Being a development organisation we are also accountable to our partners, supporters and communities at large. We never compromise with our credibility, because that is the lifeline of our organisation.


Finance Management:

Financial Management is a management function that is responsible for the financial health of an organization. As part of its value system, ADHAR always put its sincere efforts to make its financial system utmost transparent. So, ADHAR follows following good practices in financial management:

·         Financial transactions are being recorded regularly in the books of accounts/ system. Internal control mechanism is in place.

·         The financial transactions have all required valid supporting documents.

·         ADHAR’s own policies and procedures are consistently being followed. Different level of accountability clearly designated.

·         Accounting system provides reasonable security levels to restrict any kind of tempering with the financial information.

·         Transaction monitoring should analyse all elements of the transaction. Determine accuracy, reliability and cost effectiveness of all supporting documents that are part of the financial transactions.

·         Conduct periodic audit through internal, external and statutory Auditors, apart from the fixed financial review of different Donors and Funding agencies.



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